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Commission Types & Prices


Custom Design
$70 base price, scales up with complexity

Reference Sheet
$90 base price, scales up with complexity

Terms of Services

  • 》Payments are accepted through paypal before the commission is started.

  • 》Clients may re-upload the images on their socials, as long as credit is given.

  • 》I have the right to decline any commission.

  • 》You may not edit my artwork in any way without my permission.

  • 》I may use all commissioned pieces for promotional purposes (using them in my portfolio, uploading them to my page, etc) unless agreed to a privacy requirement.

  • 》Partial refunds are only available during the sketching stage.

  • 》Allow 1-2 months in order for me to complete your commission. If you need a fast deadline, we can discuss a fee for this.

Fullbody Commissions

There are two options: simple ($40), and painted ($55).
Simple is a sketchier, less polished style. Mostly flat colors.
Painted is a fully shaded, rendered, and detailed piece.

Halfbody Commissions

Halfbody pieces are from the waist up. $35!
*note that by default these come with no background (or a minimal, abstract one).

Bust Commissions

Busts are shoulder up drawings, like portraits.
There are two options: simple ($20), and painted ($30).
Simple are looser, less complex pieces.
Painted busts are fully shaded and include some sort of ornamental background/border.

Custom Design Commissions

For these, I will work with you to create a character design tailored to your specifications! Written descriptions, moodboards, and image references all allowed. Please make sure to be detailed in what you request, so I can better give life to the design you wish ♥Custom designs start at $70, and can scale up depending on complexity.
A custom that only includes a single, front-facing fullbody is typically $70 unless the design is very complicated.
A front and back fullbody is $100.If you wish to include custom
designed weapons/props/etc it is +$10 to the total.
If desired, I can provide a clothed and unclothed version of the design. Please specify whether you want it nsfw or with underwear!*a commission is considered a custom design when you do not have a visual reference of your character to provide me with. If I am working off of written descriptions, inspiration collages, boards, etc. it is a design commission.

Reference Sheet Commissions

currently closed.